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  • What is Tools for Tolerance®?
    The Tools for Tolerance® Program is an innovative program training participants to move from dialogue to action. Each customized program assists professionals, as front-line service providers, to explore their evolving role in an increasingly complex and diverse society. Since May 2006, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center has provided Canadian law enforcement and education professionals with the unique opportunity to take part in this multifaceted program designed to engage participants in discussions regarding justice, tolerance, diversity, values and civic responsibility.

    All Programs Include:

    Expectations of Tools Alumni:
    PRE-TOOLS WORKSHOP: Knowledge and Empowerment: Preparing for Tools for Tolerance®
    This workshop addresses critical issues affecting racism, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and tolerance in Canada and an increasingly complex and changing world. Issues to be considered include: the evolution of the New Anti-Semitism; lessons of racism and tolerance drawn from the Holocaust and their application to contemporary society. Simon Wiesenthal's message of education and tolerance in a rapidly changing Canadian social fabric will be threaded throughout the workshop.

    Once accepted, and in order to enhance their learning experience, applicants will be required to partake in the prerequisite learning module. This workshop will be held at the FSWC Tom and Anna Koffler Resource and Leadership Training Centre in Toronto for all participants that live in Toronto and the surrounding area. If the participant lives out of the surrounding area or province, alternative plans will be made to ensure completion of the prerequisite workshop.

    To register for the prerequisite workshop contact agol@fswc.ca.

    Understanding the challenges faced by communities as they grapple with the realities of intolerance and discrimination, the Museum of Tolerance, in Los Angeles, introduces valuable tools to help overcome issues of exclusion and injustice. The only museum of its kind in the world, the Museum of Tolerance (MOT) is dedicated to promoting mutual respect and social justice through educational outreach, community partnerships and social action. The Museum exposes the dynamics of prejudice and discrimination in both historical and contemporary contexts. Through the use of technologically advanced interactive exhibits, the Museum engages visitors' hearts and minds, while challenging them to assume personal responsibility for positive community change.

    Compulsory Follow-up:
    Upon return from the Tools for Tolerance® workshop all participants are required to complete a 1-Month Planning Sheet as well as a 1-Year Anniversary Follow-up Plan which are to be submitted to FSWC. The 1-Month Planning Sheets should include a recapitulation of your intended course of action, while the 1-Year Anniversary Follow-up Plan should highlight the progress made.
    1-Month Planning Sheet   1-Year Anniversary Follow-up Plan

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