Maritimes - Nova Scotia, PEI, New Bruswick Newfoundland

An Overview

The June 4, 2017 provincial election in Nova Scotia ended on a dark note after campaign signs in a historically African-Canadian community in the province were defaced with racist and antisemitic graffiti.  The defaced campaign signs – one from each of the three major provincial political parties – appeared to have been spray painted with a swastika, the phrase “Sieg Heil”, and the number ‘1488’, which is a popular term within neo-Nazi and White Supremacist groups. One of the candidates, the NDP’s Shelley Fashan, told CBC that the graffiti “does have racial overtones. That's just ignorance; that's just people being hateful and ignorant. It's not going to deter what I am doing. It shouldn't deter anybody.”

In Halifax, on May 16, 2017 - antisemitic graffiti was scrawled on the CBC building. The hate crime features the phrase "CBC=Juden" and the Star of David with a cross through it. Halifax Regional Police advised that the investigation is ongoing.

On Prince Edward Island, on February 27, 2017 - a father was shocked after finding a picture of a swastika in his child's surprise bag from a local convenience store. "Its just not acceptable to me and a lot of other people," said the father. The distributor recalled the bags and said it was "appalled that this item was found in a product that we distribute".

In New Brunswick, a swastika was carved into the snow on Mount Allison University's Alumni Field on January 22, 2017. The small university with a population of 2,500 was strongly impacted by this hate crime. One student said that she won't be telling her grandparents – all Holocaust survivors – that someone carved a swastika in the snow, stating, "They would be so upset."

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