An Overview


On November 28 2017, Statistics Canada released its Police-reported hate crime, 2016 report. Some highlights from the report are as follows:

  • Police reported 1,409 hate crimes in Canada in 2016, 47 more than in 2015. This represented less than 0.1% of the 1,895,546 crimes (excluding traffic violations) that were reported by police services. The 3% increase in hate crimes was a result of more incidents targeting South Asians and Arabs or West Asians, the Jewish population, and people based on their sexual orientation. In contrast, hate crimes against Muslims and Catholics declined in 2016.
  • Based on data from police services that provided detailed information on hate crimes for both 2015 and 2016, an increased violence was observed in hate crimes. For example, violent hate-motivated crimes (for example, assault, threats, criminal harassment and other violent offences) rose from 487 in 2015 to 563 in 2016, up 16%. In 2016, 43% of hate crimes were violent, compared with 38% in 2015.
  • 48% (666 incidents) of all police-reported hate crimes were motivated by race or ethnicity, 25 more than the previous year.
  • 33% (460 incidents) of all police-reported hate crimes were motivated by religion, 9 fewer than the previous year.
  • 13% (176 incidents) of all police-reported hate crimes were motivated by sexual orientation, 35 more than the previous year.
  • Of the 460 hate crimes targeting religion, 221 incidents targeted the Jewish population accounting for 48% of hate crimes motivated by religion, and comprising 16% of all hate motivated crimes in 2016, making the Jewish population once again the most targeted group for hate crimes overall, followed by the Black (214) and Muslim (139) populations.
  • From 2015 to 2016, the number of hate crimes against the Jewish population grew from 178 to 221 incidents. Increases were seen in Ontario (+31), Quebec (+11) and Manitoba (+7).

In June of 2017, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies reached out to police services across Canada, asking them for their most current hate crime statistics. Results are listed below.

Barrie Police Service:

Number of hate crimes: 7
Type of hate crime(s):
·  2 incidents based on race
·  3 incidents based on religion
·  2 incidents based on sexual orientation
Expression of hate crime(s):
·  4 incidents of graffiti
·  3 incidents of slurs coupled with violence
Current pattern
·      The numbers for 2017 seem to be up this year (6 already); however, this may be due to increased officer awareness and that our reporting template has changed so officers can classify the incident as a hate crime rather than as a true increase within the city.

Cobourg Police Service:

Number of hate crimes: 1
Type of hate crime(s): antisemitic
Expression of hate crime(s):
·      swastika draw in the dust of a vehicle
Current pattern:
·      Very few hate crimes therefore unable to determine a pattern

Edmonton Police Service:

Number of hate crimes: 12
Type of hate crime(s):
o   3 Anti-Black
o   2 Anti-E. Asian
o   2 Anti-Muslim
o   2 Anti-Arab
o   1 Anti-Asian
o   1 Anti-LGBTQ
o   1 Anti-Jewish
Expression of hate crime(s):
·      5 Other Mischief
·      3 Assault
·      2 Mischief to Religious Property
·      1 Uttering Threats
·      1 Criminal Harassment
Current pattern:
·      In 2017 to date, we have received reports of 12 Hate Crimes. This represents a reduction in hate crimes from 2016, although when hate incidents are included for both years, 2017 is approximately consistent with 2016. I believe that this reduction in crimes so far in 2017, is seasonal, as we have not yet entered summer, where we typically encounter a greater volume of events.
·      My general analysis of trends  in the City of Edmonton from 2016 and continuing into 2017 are as follows.
         o   Anti-immigration sentiment with a focus on Islam. Negative references to Syrian refugees in Canada and Europe are common, inflamed by international Islamic terrorist events (France/ISIL)  and the Parliamentary motion M-103.  
         o   A rise of populist extreme right wing groups (SOO, Canadian Sentinels, Guardians of Alberta, etc.).
         o   General anti-immigration sentiment targeting other non-white communities.
·       Anti-LGBTQ sentiment inflamed by current government policies and advocacy for GSA’S in public schools, and changes to bathroom access gender policies

Kawartha Lakes Police Service

Number of hate crimes: 1
Type of hate crime(s): Sexual Orientation
Expression of hate crime(s): harassment


Kingston Police Service

Number of hate crimes: 2
Type of hate crime(s): antisemitic, racist
Expression of hate crime(s):
·      Assault
·      Criminal harassment
Current pattern
·      No one specific group was targeted more than any other group in Kingston with reported Hate Crime

LaSalle Police Service

Number of hate crimes: 2
Type of hate crime(s): antisemitic, LGBTQ
Expression of hate crime(s):
·      graffiti (swastika sprayed on vehicle with the words "go home")
·      verbal word (directed at apparent gay male youth)
Current pattern:
·      No real increase or decrease to the number reported. (Average is between 2 to 3 per year) No pattern to a specific group. The occurrences above were listed as "possible" Hate Crimes. No occurrences that met definition.

Montreal Police Service

Number of hate crimes: 101 (between January 1and June 1, 2017)
Type of hate crime(s):

  • 1 language related
  • 8 sexual orientation
  • 26 ethnic origin
  • 57 religion
  • 1 sex
  • 8 others/unknown

Niagara Regional Police Service

Number of hate crimes: 13
Type of hate crime(s): antisemitic, anti-Black, anti-Muslim, racist, Anti-LGBT, anti-Christian,
Expression of hate crime(s):
·      Mischief to personal vehicle (Swastika graffiti)
·      Mischief to personal vehicle (Swastika graffiti and punctured tire)
·      Mischief to Catholic elementary school (Swastika, LGBT, Jewish, Christian and Black graffiti)
·      Mischief to Catholic Church (Graffiti – Religious)
·      Hate/bias phone message (Verbal LGBT and Black taunts – Racial/LGBT)
·      Mischief to Public Library (Swastika and SS graffiti)
·      Mischief to Christian school (LGBT and anti-Christian graffiti)
·      Hate/bias email (Muslim hate/bias email)
·      Assault (East Indian male assaulted with verbal hate/bias)
·      Harassment on social media (Black male targeted on Facebook)
·      Mischief to Anglican Church (Swastika and Anarchy type graffiti)
·      Verbal Taunts (Black hate/bias taunts)
·      Mischief to sidewalk (Swastika graffiti drawn in chalk of public sidewalk)
Current pattern:
·      In 2016, there was no change in the total number of hate/bias reported incidents as there were 13 reported incidents in 2015 as well.

Ontario Provincial Police

Number of hate crimes: 15
Type of hate crime(s): antisemitic, anti-Muslim, anti-Black, anti-Aboriginal, anti-Catholicism, sexual orientation
Expression of hate crime(s):
·      Mischief to Religious Property
·      Hate Bias Crime (Mischief; Harassment; Threats)
·      Hate Propaganda Crime (Jewish religion, Catholic religion, Black.)
Current pattern:
·      Due to the low number of reported incidents, it is difficult to determine if there are any patterns regarding targeted groups as it related to reporting of Hate Bias Crime, Hate Propaganda Crime and Mischief to Religious Property.  Accurate identification of patterns related to targeted groups requires synthesizing information reported in this document with reporting from the Province’s municipal and First Nations police services.

Prince Albert Police Service

Number of hate crimes: 1
Type of hate crime(s): anti-Indigenous
Expression of hate crime(s):
·      Inciting genocide
Current pattern
·      There had been a noted decrease over the past decade in overt racist activity, but that has changed in the last year and a half. As social media and online commentary has expanded more racist or hate type posts and commentary have become visible. Last year the provincial premier called for a stop to this kind of divisive action after a First Nations youth was shot and killed in what many felt was a racist act.

 Saskatoon Police Service

Number of hate crimes: 2
Type of hate crime(s): antisemitic
Expression of hate crime(s):
·      Graffiti (the word “rapist” was written on the husband’s vehicle and a swastika was drawn on the wife’s vehicle)
·      Graffiti (graffiti of an anti-Semitic nature on a detached garage)

Vancouver Police Department

Number of hate crimes: 11
Type of hate crime(s): antisemitic, anti-Muslim, LGBTQ
Expression of hate crime(s):
·      Mischief
·      Assault
·      Threats
·      Harassment
·      Suspicious circumstances
Current pattern
·      There has been a slight increase regarding the Muslim community over the past year

York Regional Police

Number of hate crimes: 86
Type of hate crime(s): 
·      race/ethnicity (51.2%)
         -most frequent targeted groups: South Asian (14.0%), Black (9.3%), Arab/West Asian (7.0%), and East & Southeast Asian (7.0%)
·      religion (38.4%)
         -most frequent targeted groups: Jewish (20.0%) and Muslim (15.1%)
·      sexual orientation (10.5%)
Current pattern:
·     Hate crimes have decreased in the York Region to 86 incidents (or by 3.4%) in 2016 from 89 incidents in 2015.

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