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Toronto, Ontario
M2N 6C6

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Tel: 416-864-9735
Toll Free: 1-866-864-9735
Fax: 416-864-1083
Email: swcmain@fswc.ca

For address changes, receipt information, tribute cards and event information please call 416-864-9735 or email swcmain@fswc.ca

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FSWC Contacts:

Avi Benlolo

President & CEO

Email: president@fswc.ca
Phone: 416-864-9735 ext. 25

Tracey Steyn

Office Manager / Administrator

Email: tsteyn@fswc.ca
Phone: 416-864-9735 ext. 21

Debbie Climans

Administrative Assistant

Email: dclimans@fswc.ca
Phone: 416-864-9735 ext. 0

Campaign Department

Matthew Zaldin

Campaign Associate

Email: mzaldin@fswc.ca
Phone: 416-864-9735

Education Department

Melissa Mikel

Director of Education

Email: mmikel@fswc.ca
Phone: 416-864-9735 ext. 40

Daniella Lurion

Education Associate, Tour for Humanity

Email: dlurion@fswc.ca
Phone: 416-864-9735 ext. 22

Elena Kingsbury

Education Associate

Email: ekingsbury@fswc.ca
Phone: 416-864-9735 ext. 27

Policy and Advocacy Department

Laine McGarragle

Director, Policy and Advocacy

Email: lmcgarragle@fswc.ca
Phone: 416-864-9735 ext. 

Communications Department

Firstname Lastname

Title / Role

Email: email@fswc.ca
Phone: 416-864-9735 ext. 27