Criminal History:
o Odynsky served as a guard in an auxiliary unit at the Trawniki and Poniatowa labour camps, the former of which was a training centre for Ukrainian guards who were enlisted as auxiliaries to SS killing units
o Katriuk had been a volunteer member of Ukrainian battalion 118 in Byelorussia (now Belarus) under the control of the Waffen SS, whose unit was implicated in numerous atrocities including the deaths of thousands of Jews in Belarus between 1941 and 1944

Canadian Legal Proceedings:
o Wasyl and Katriuk’s cases were dropped in 2007 due to lack of evidence
o B’nai B’rith is currently challenging the federal cabinet on their decision not to strip Odynsky and Katriuk of citizenship last year
o Although Odynsky denies any war crimes, B’nai B’rith claims that he lied about his role during the war when obtaining citizenship upon entering Canada
o Katriuk also denied his involvement in any war crimes, although the Federal Court judge who heard the case said that it is difficult, if not impossible, to accept evidence that Katriuk did not participate in any important military operation while his battalion was in Byelorussia


Criminal History:
o Member of Nazi Death Squad Einzatzkommando 10a
o Responsible for the murders of at least 1 million civilians, mostly Jewish, in the occupied Soviet Union
o Concealed work as a Nazi translator upon entering Canada 

Canadian Legal Proceedings:
o January 27, 1995, proceedings began
o February 28, 2000, Federal Court ruled against the plaintiff 
o August 21, 2001, citizenship revoked
o May 2004, court overturned revocation and sent it to cabinet for reconsideration
o May 24, 2007, citizenship revoked again
o Deportation proceedings ongoing


Criminal History:
o Member of Nazi Security Police Unit in Zaporozhye, Ukraine
o Arrested and executed thousands of Jewish civilians in the Ukraine
o Imprisoned, tortured, and deported thousands of prisoners to concentration camps in Poland and Germany
o Enforced Nazi racial policies
o Concealed German citizenship upon entering Canada

Canadian Legal Proceedings:
o September 30, 1996, proceedings began
o October 3, 2003, Federal Court ruled against the plaintiff
o May 24, 2007, citizenship revoked
o Deportation proceedings ongoing


Criminal History:
o Was an SS Watchman, identification number 3321
o Guard at Trawniki, a forced labour camp in Poland
o Participated in “Operation Harvest Festival,” a massacre of 40,000 Jewish prisoners killed in 3 different labour camps
o Worked at Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Germany
o Worked at Mauthausen death camp, Austria
o Concealed his war time activities upon entering Canada
Canadian Legal Proceedings:
o November 2003, proceedings began
o Citizenship revocation proceedings are currently ongoing


Criminal History:
o Was a prison guard (known as the Beast of Bolzano) at Bolzano, a transit camp in Italy
o In 2000, Italian Military Tribunal found Seifert guilty in absentia on 9 counts of murder and sentenced him to life in prison
o Witnesses testified to his complicity in committing murder by means of starvation and brutal physical abuse
o Committed rape prior to arriving at Bolzano
o Failed to reveal his service as a German camp guard in Italy upon entering Canada

Canadian Legal Proceedings:
o Has lived in Canada since 1951 and hid his past upon entering the country
o Convicted in absentia in 2000 in a military tribunal in Verona on nine counts of murder
o April 2002, proceedings in Canada began after Italy requested his Extradition
o August 2003, lost his case in the Supreme Court of British Columbia
o December 2005, Attorney General of Canada ordered his surrender to Italy
o August 2007, BC Court upholds decision to extradite
o Extradited from Canada to Italy in February 2008
o Home detention is possible due to his age of 83 years old 

Summary of WWII Program Activity since 1995

Cases in Which the Defendant Passed Away During Proceedings:

1. Wasily Bogutin (information pending)
2. Antanas Kinstavicius (1997)
3. Erichs Tobiass (1997)
4. Josef Nemsila (1997)
5. Ludwig Nebel (information pending)
6. Serge Kisluk (2001)
7. Walter Obodzinksy (2004)
8. Michael Baumgartner (2005)
9. Josef Furman (2007) 

Cases in Which the Defendant Left Voluntarily:

1. Ladislaus Csizsik-Csatary (1997)
2. Mamertas Roland Maciukas (1998)

Cases Ruled in Favour of the Defendant:

1. Johann Dueck (1998)
2. Eduards Podins (1999)
3. Peteris Vitols (1998)

Cases Dropped:

1. Vladimir Katriuk (2007)
2. Wasyl Odynsky (2007)

Unique Deportation Case:
1. Konrad Kalejs was deported from Canada in 1997. However, he was never a Canadian Citizen and was never tried as a Nazi War Criminal. He died November 8, 2001 in Australia. 

Pre-1995 Citizenship Revocation and Deportation:
1. Jacob Luitjens (1992)

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