Dr. Mark Korman and 
Dr. Philip Solomon 
Co-Chairs of D4W

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) is delighted to have two highly dedicated and enthusiastic physicians, Dr. Mark Korman and Dr. Philip Solomon, as the Chairs of DOCTORS4WIESENTHAL (D4W). The Toronto-based surgeons say they joined FSWC due to concerns about rising anti-Semitism and pervasive anti-Israel rhetoric worldwide. “Through my involvement with D4W I feel empowered that we are making a measurable impact through each educational initiative and event,” said Dr. Solomon. 

In 2012 Drs. Solomon and Korman accompanied police chiefs and public officials from across Canada on an FSWC Compassion to Action mission, an educational trip to Poland and Israel designed to help advance the Center’s goals of providing Holocaust remembrance and education, promoting tolerance, and countering racism and anti-Semitism. They also travelled to Washington D.C. as part of an FSWC delegation that met with political leaders and influential advisors to learn firsthand about issues that affect Canada and the world. 

“FSWC fulfills its mandate by providing thoughtful and meaningful programming for its members and supporters, and Philip and I are very proud to head a year of stimulating events and programs with D4W,” said Dr. Korman.

What is the Doctors4Wiesenthal?

Doctors4Wiesenthal is a group of distinguished medical professionals who are dedicated to support the work and mandate of the Canadian Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center. The Doctors4Wiesenthal mandate for the 2019-2020 program year is to strengthen FSWC by raising funds to empower social justice programs such as Freedom Day, Speaker’s Idol, Tour4Humanity, and Tolerance and Diversity Workshops. Doctors4Wiesenthal is a leadership committee that leads by example and sets the tone for fundraising and engagement within the FSWC support base and the greater community.

Join Our Current 2019/2020 Members

Dr. Philip Solomon


Dr. Mark Korman


Dr. Gordon Arbess
Dr. Jeffrey Axler
Dr. Thomas Bacher
Dr. Benjamin Barankin
Dr. Tatyana Barankin
Dr. Brett Beber
Dr. Steve Blitzer
Dr. Carl Bloom
Dr. Howard Bongard
Dr. Andrew Braude
Dr. Rose Braude
Dr. Deron Brown
Dr. Emory Burke
Dr. Paul Chapnick
Dr. Albert Cheskes
Dr. Howard Cohen
Dr. Susan Cohen
Dr. Stanley Debow
Dr. Ivan Diamond
Dr. Ari Eisen
Dr. Gary Elman
Dr. Melissa Feldberg
Dr. Leona Fishman Shapiro

Dr. Ralph Folman
Dr. Rick Fox
Dr. Jeremy Freeman
Dr. David Glick
Dr. Eddie Glick
Dr. Susan Glick
Dr. Charles Goldberg
Dr. Marvin Goldstein
Dr. Steven Gottesman
Dr. Stephen Greenberg
Dr. Mark Greenwald
Dr. Helene Griesman
Dr. Jay Grossman
Dr. Carole Gruson 
Dr. Dan Hagi 
Dr. Seymour Hershenfeld
Dr. Eric Hirshberg
Dr. Rose Honig
Dr. Norman Just
Dr. Suzanne Karr
Dr. Allan Katchky
Dr. Shirley Katz
Dr. Peter Keefe

Dr. Arthur Keyfitz
Dr. Stuart Klein
Dr. Magdie Kohn
Dr. Mark Korman
Dr. Joanne Laine-Gossin
Dr. Carl Laskin
Dr. Fred Leitner
Dr. Karen Leitner
Dr. Leo Levin
Dr. Richard Levine
Dr. Edwin Lewandowski
Dr. Mark Librach
Dr. Bradley Lichtblau
Dr. Perry Lichtblau
Dr. Paul Perlon
Dr. Evan Propst
Dr. David Magder
Dr. Jeff Mandel
Dr. David Rakowski
Dr. Agnes Reicher
Dr. Ron Richardson
Dr. Aaron Rifkind
Dr. Gail Robinson

Dr. Daryl Roitman
Dr. Frank Rosenberg
Dr. Gerry Rosenstein
Dr. Michael Rothholtz
Dr. Bruce Rubin
Dr. George Sas
Dr. Rochelle Schwartz
Dr. Michael Schweitzer
Dr. David Segal
Dr. Art Segalan
Dr. Susan Shinoff
Dr. Julie Silver
Dr. Sam Sliwin
Dr. Philip Solomon
Dr. Rosalie Steinberg
Dr. Fay Weisberg
Dr. Janice Weiss
Dr. Rhonda Wilansky
Dr. Caroline Zaltzman
Dr. Jeff Zaltzman
Dr. Rick Zarnett 
Dr. Toni Zhong
Dr. Bernard Zucker

For more information, email or call Ariel Waks: awaks@fswc.ca // (416) 864-9735 x24