Holocaust Education Task Force

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center's Holocaust Education Task Force is an assembly of Holocaust survivors along with children and grandchildren of survivors associated with the organization. They engage in dialogue surrounding the future of Holocaust education and contribute to the commemoration of the Holocaust in an educational context. Their role is honourary and distinguished in a quest to promote the values of democracy, freedom and human rights through lessons of the Holocaust.

Rob Avinoam

Judy Betel

Mel Brown

Max Eisen

Anita Ekstein

Ruth Ekstein

Gerda Frieberg

Bill Glied

Michelle Glied-Goldstein

Stacey Jacobs

Steven Kelman

Helene Korn

Fred Leitner

Howard Meyer

Esther Michaels

Israel Mida

Leah Price

Rose Rahmani

Lisa Richman

Gloria Salomon

Vera Schiff

Honey Silverberg

Tamara Steiber

Alan Wainer