Speakers Idol Committee 2017

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center's Speakers Idol Committee is a group of organizational members committed to our education mandate. These members engage in dialogue surrounding the Speakers Idol program, a speech contest that provides a platform for students to discuss how they are working to change the world. Committee members share ideas and offer feedback on ways to engage students and create a meaningful event that will further promote the empowerment of youth. Their role is honourary and distinguished in a quest to promote the values of democracy, freedom and human rights through education.

Gordon Arbess

Benjamin Barankin

Gavin Brauer

Ricky Brooks

Mitch Brown

Catherine Clark

Ruth Ekstein

Michelle Glied-Goldstein

Ruby Judelman

Marsha Kazman

Evelyn Krakauer

Fred Leitner

Candice Solomon

Tamara Steiber

Svetlana Zaidman


Stephen Clark

Melissa Feldberg

Aliza Fisch

Stacey Jacobs

Tilda Roll

Brahm Siegel