Wiesenthal Scholarship Committee 2017

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center's Wiesenthal Scholarship Committee is a group of organizational members committed to our education mandate. These members review student applicants who are moving into post-secondary academics, and select recipients who have demonstrated exceptional work in the human rights field within their schools and communities. The committee's role is honourary and distinguished in a quest to promote the values of democracy, freedom and human rights through education.

Heni Ashley

Brett Beber

Tammy Benlolo

Gavin Brauer

Blake Breslin

Emory Burke

Marilyn Dressler

Anita Greenberg

Carole Gruson

Robin Jonas

Steve Kelman

Evelyn Krakauer

Jonathan Latsky

Fred Leitner

Leslie Orbach

Leslie Richmond

Bev Saitowitz

Gloria Salomon

Levi Sankar

Rhoda Singer

Debbi Stern

Andrew Weisberg

Sveta Zaidman

Toni Zhong