A Note from This Year's State of the Union Co-Chairs, Milton Davis and Caroline Pinto

October 21, 2020


Milton Davis and Caroline Pinto at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center is thrilled to have Milton Davis and Caroline Pinto, dedicated supporters of the organization, as this year's State of the Union co-chairs.

"Overnight, we find ourselves living in a different world where much of what we do and how we do it has changed," says Caroline Pinto. "And, unfortunately, rather that coming together, we face an emboldened movement of hate, racism and antisemitism. The critical issues we face are as urgent and serious as ever. So, the fact that Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center can run such a large-scale event, and that so many people are so eager to participate, pandemic or not, proves this. Nothing is going to stop these important conversations."

"Our speakers are experienced thought leaders," says Milton Davis. “They’re people of wide-ranging political, intellectual and social impact. Their perspectives will not only be unique, they will be meaningful. And they’ll be speaking just days after the momentous American election. I can’t imagine anyone not being captivated and enriched by what our guests have to say. It's a privilege to be involved."

Caroline and Milton are committed believers in the power of education to counter antisemitism. They are not only looking forward to the upcoming virtual event, they are even more heartened by the programs that the funds it raises will enable.

"We're living in a deeply troubled world. We need to be proactive. We need to call out and wipe away hate, bigotry and prejudice of every kind," says Milton.

"Antisemitism, racism and other forms of hate are all around us and gaining momentum," says Caroline. "We are at a tipping point. Ignorance is a root cause. Education is a key response. People of all backgrounds need to be educated and motivated to join the fight and help eradicate hate and prejudice."

FSWC is also pleased to recognize this year's incredible event committee that has been vital to planning the first-ever virtual experience of State of the Union.

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