A Response to a Holocaust Denier

September 11, 2019


While speaking on the Lynda Steele radio show in Vancouver, FSWC president and CEO Avi Benlolo challenged a Holocaust denier with the following statement:

For the person who doesn't believe the Holocaust existed, we actually have a Holocaust survivor right here, so you're welcome to meet him and see his tattoo on his arm...it was numbers tattooed at Auschwitz. Max Eisen is a witness, one of the last surviving witnesses. He's 90 years old, and that's why he's here -- to tell you that it really happened, that his family was really murdered in the Holocaust, and this really did take place. Everyone listening today, you are all witnesses to this and you've all heard Max's voice.

I believe that the people who sent these images are people on the far fringes of society. I do believe that most Canadians believe in the goodness of humanity and the goodness of people -- that they want to be caring and compassionate. They also understand that Canada itself has a stake in the game. We fought against the Nazis. We sent our soldiers over to liberate Europe from the Nazis. This is not just a Jewish issue, this is a Canadian issue. We lost soldiers during the Second World War fighting to liberate Europe and many of them came home wounded. It's not just an insult to the Jewish community, it's an insult to Canada itself.

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