Armed Man Arrested After Threatening Students, Assaulting Staff Member at Toronto Yeshiva

May 26, 2022

Media Release

Toronto (May 26, 2022) - A man has been arrested and is facing five charges, including assault with a weapon and uttering threats, after he reportedly threatened students and assaulted a staff member at a yeshiva in Toronto.

Yeshiva Gedolah reported the troubling incident to Toronto police yesterday. It was reported to police that the man, an Uber Eats delivery person, yelled that he wanted to kill Jews.

The Toronto Police Service confirmed to Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) that a weapon was discovered on the man, who was arrested but since released, and a hate crime investigation is underway. FSWC is continuing to follow up with Toronto police and will report updates as they become available.

"It is extremely troubling that a man with a weapon violently threatened people at a yeshiva and, even more disturbingly, yelled that he wanted to kill Jews. Clearly, this was an antisemitic crime, and the perpetrator must face consequences for his disturbing actions," said Jaime Kirzner-Roberts, FSWC's Director of Policy. "Such an attack comes on the heels of the Toronto Police Service's most recent annual hate crime report that once again showed the city's Jewish community as the most targeted group. Jewish students deserve to go to school without fearing threats and violence. "

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