Community Intelligence Brief: April 1, 2020

April 1, 2020

Intelligence Brief

FSWC Launches Online Holocaust and Human Rights Workshops for Students, Parents and Teachers

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center is excited to announce the launch of Human Rights @ Home, a series of weekly online workshops designed for students, parents and teachers! Next week, FSWC's educators will begin offering workshops that discuss antisemitism, the Holocaust and human rights. Click here for more information.

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In Time for Global Self-Isolation, ‘Anne Frank Video Diary’ Premieres on YouTube

What if Anne Frank had a camera instead of a diary? This week, the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam premiered "Anne Frank Video Diary," which includes 15 episodes filmed in selfie-style that will be aired through early May, depicting Anne's last five months of hiding.

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Trudeau to Recall Parliament to Pass Multibillion COVID-19 Aid Increase

Parliament is set to reconvene for another emergency sitting to consider and approve a multi-billion-dollar expansion to Canada's COVID-19 financial assistance measures that includes a 75% wage subsidy for Canadian businesses that have seen their revenue decrease by 30% or more.

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U.S. Stands Up for Israel’s Effort to Help Palestinians on Coronavirus Issue

During a UN Security Council briefing on the situation in the Middle East, the United States' Acting Deputy Representative to the UN shined a light on the recent engagement between Israeli and Palestinian authorities as they seek to prevent widespread harm from the presence of COVID-19, calling the dialogue a "model of collaboration and cooperation."

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Organizer of Iran Regime’s Holocaust Caricature Contest Now Peddling Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Sponsored by Iran's Ministry of Health, a contest of caricatures trivializing the Holocaust has taken on a new theme - promoting the conspiracy theory that the US is behind the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, Tehran-based media outlets were informed that more than 2,000 submissions has been received from cartoonists in 68 countries.

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Israel Opens World’s First Psychiatric Unit for Corona Patients

Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center in Israel has opened what is believed to be the world's first psychiatric unit for psychiatric patients diagnosed with COVID-19 who have difficulty adhering to social distancing and other hospital regulations. The Center also opened Israel's first dedicated maternity unit for COVID-19 positive women yesterday.

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Israeli Scientists: ‘Active Component’ of Coronavirus Vaccine Days Away

Israeli researchers at the MIGAL Galilee Research Institute are reportedly days away from completing the production of the active component of a coronavirus vaccine that could be tested on humans as early as June 1, while the Israel Institute for Biological Research stated it has begun testing a COVID-19 vaccine prototype on rodents at its biochemical defence lab.

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