Community Intelligence Brief: February 18, 2021

February 18, 2021

Intelligence Brief

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Charged with Wilful Promotion of Hate

The RCMP have charged Travis Patron, leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party, with wilful promotion of hate in connection with an antisemitic video titled Beware the Parasitic Tribe. The video refers to "inside manipulators" who infiltrate the media and the central bank

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center had raised alarms about Patron's videos, stating that the language he was using was dangerous and hateful. "He's promoting some of the most vile and dangerous antisemitic tropes in history," said Jaime Kirzner-Roberts, director of policy at FSWC.

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Morals, Not Medals, Must Guide Our Way on Decision to Attend the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing

"A genocide is happening, but Olympic officials want us to look the other way," writes FSWC president and CEO Michael Levitt in his latest column in the Toronto Star. "If Canada’s participation in the 2022 Winter Olympics requires our complicity with a regime perpetrating genocide, it is simply a price we cannot afford to pay."

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Prominent Canadian Scholar Slams Poland's Efforts to Stifle Holocaust Research

Renowned Holocaust scholar and University of Ottawa professor Jan Grabowski, who was ordered by a Polish court to apologize for suggesting a man helped the Nazis kill Jews, said on Tuesday the ruling was a direct blow to sensitive academic research. “This verdict, if upheld on our appeal, which will follow, means an end to independent research of the history of the Holocaust and, I would argue, of many other parts of Polish history which run contrary to the official myths and legends espoused by the Polish state today,” said Grabowski during a virtual forum.

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‘The Jew Is Guilty,’ 300 Neo-Nazis Attend Rare Gathering in Spain

About 300 people attended a far-right event in Madrid that featured antisemitic speeches and a Nazi salute. The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain called on prosecutors to launch an investigation into incitement to violence and discrimination against some of the people who attended the event, including a woman who called Jewish people "the enemy."

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Germany Sees Spike in Antisemitic Crimes — Reports

The number of registered antisemitic hate crimes in Germany hit a new upward trend in 2020, according to figures released by the German government. At least 2,275 antisemitic crimes were logged until the end of January 2021, with some 55 of those being acts of violence. Only five suspects were detained by authorities.

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