Community Intelligence Brief: July 8, 2020

July 8, 2020

Intelligence Brief

DoorDash Becomes Latest Online Platform to Remove Foodbenders

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center commends DoorDash for recently joining other platforms, including Uber and Ritual, in standing against Foodbenders' antisemitic and discriminatory behaviour. In response to a letter FSWC sent to DoorDash urging the platform to stand with the message "that hatred or glorification of violence towards Jews" will not be tolerated and sever its relationship with the Toronto-based company, DoorDash informed FSWC yesterday that it has removed Foodbenders from its platform "for failure to follow the community guidelines and our partner code of conduct" and that the company does not tolerate "malicious, discriminatory or hateful behaviour."

FSWC also commends Toronto Mayor John Tory, who yesterday added his name to a long list of political leaders who have denounced Foodbenders' antisemitism.

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DeSean Jackson’s Antisemitic Posts Show Education Is Best Way To Tackle Ignorance in Locker Rooms

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson issued a video apology yesterday for a series of posts he recently made on social media, including promoting a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler and supporting Louis Farrakhan who is known for antisemitic rhetoric. "Taken at face value, these are the social media ramblings of a deeply confused person, who possesses no apparent awareness or knowledge of history. They show education, and not cancel culture, is the best way to tackle ignorance in locker rooms," writes Forbes contributor Alex Reimer.

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TikTok Algorithm Promoted Antisemitic Death Camp Meme

A collection of videos using an antisemitic song have been deleted by TikTok, but not before the platform's algorithm ensured the original video received more than six million views. Nearly 100 users chose the song for their own videos, including one that showed a character from a computer game that looks like Hitler.

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Report: Mossad Thwarts Multiple Iranian Attacks on Israeli Embassies

The Mossad has reportedly prevented multiple Iranian attacks against Israeli embassies in Europe and elsewhere. According to the report, the Mossad cooperated with local intelligence agencies to prevent the attacks, whose exact locations have not been disclosed.

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After World War II, There Were 100 Jews Left in Frankfurt, Germany. Today the Community Has a Potent Voice.

There were approximately 30,000 Jews in the city of Frankfurt before World War II, making it the second largest community in Germany. By 1945, there were only about 100 left. Flash forward to 2020 and the Jewish community of Frankfurt is once again a powerful force in the city.

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