Community Intelligence Brief: June 17, 2020

June 17, 2020

Intelligence Brief

Jewish Community Remains Most Victimized by Hate Crimes in Toronto, Says New Police Report

The 2019 Annual Hate Crimes Statistical Report reveals that 32% of the 139 hate crimes in Toronto last year targeted the Jewish community, even though the community accounts for 4% of the city's population. In addition to the 44 hate incidences directed at Jews last year in Toronto, the report also notes another five hate crimes targeting Israelis specifically as well as eight “multi-bias” hate crimes that included anti-Jewish sentiment. FSWC calls on leaders in our city – including in law enforcement, government and education – to recognize the urgent need to fight antisemitism and hate in our city and take strong, decisive action to help ensure the safety and security of our community.

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Canada Loses High-Profile Bid for United Nations Security Council Seat

Canada lost its high-profile bid today for two available seats on the UN Security Council. While 128 votes from UN member states were needed to secure a two-thirds majority, Canada received just 108 votes - placing the country behind the 130 votes in favour of Norway and 128 for Ireland.

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Petition Against Freeing Murderers of Jewish-American Journalist Daniel Pearl Gets Over 10,000 Signatures

A petition urging Pakistani leaders not to free the killers of Jewish-American journalist Daniel Pearl has over 10,000 signatures. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was sentenced to death for the murder and three others received life in prison after Pearl was kidnapped in 2002 and beheaded by the kidnappers. In April, a Pakistani court commuted the death sentence and the other three individuals not guilty for lack of evidence.

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Facebook Removes Hundreds More Accounts as Right-Wing Violence Spreads

Facebook announced on Tuesday the removal of almost 900 accounts associated with the far-right Proud Boys and American Guard, including more than 500 on Facebook on and more than 300 on Instagram. Facebook had previously banned the groups for promoting hate, but individual members continued to post images with weapons and urge others to attend protests that followed the Minneapolis killing of George Floyd in police custody.

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‘Groups Behind ICC Suits Against Israel, US Have Terrorist Ties’

According to new research from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, organizations that have sued Israel and the United States in the International Criminal Court have ties to each other as well as to terrorist organizations.

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Dutch-Jewish WWII Hero Betty Goudsmit-Oudkerk Who Saved Hundreds of Children Dies at 96

Betty Goudsmit-Oudkerk was the last living member of the small team of rescuers who smuggled Jewish children to safety over several months from a Protestant religious seminary in Amsterdam. The seminary, led by Johan van Hulst, bordered on an internment facility that the Nazis set up for Jewish children where Goudsmit-Oudkerk cared for the children and ultimately helped transfer them to van Hulst and his team.

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