Community Intelligence Brief: June 22, 2022

June 22, 2022

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Simon Wiesenthal Center Presents Pope Francis With Hitler’s 1919 Antisemitic Document

A 30-member Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) international delegation met with Pope Francis on Wednesday to present a facsimile of an original report authored and signed by Adolf Hitler in which he openly espouses the destruction of the Jewish people by “a government of national strength.”  

FSWC President and CEO Michael Levitt and Chair Fred Waks were part of the delegation and spoke with the pope about the Jewish community's concern over surging antisemitism in Canada.

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Quebec RCMP Say Search Complete of Properties Allegedly Connected with Neo-Nazi Group

The Quebec RCMP say search warrants executed Thursday on properties allegedly connected to the Atomwaffen Division - which has been listed as a neo-Nazi terrorist group by the federal government since 2021 - were completed and the investigation remains ongoing.

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Government Should Take Fight Against Ideological Extremism Online, House Committee Report Says

Canada should put in place a strategy to fight ideologically-motivated violent extremism that includes tackling the spread of such movements on the internet, a House of Commons committee says.

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Israel to Hold 5th Election in 3 Years as Coalition Government Dissolves

Israel's coalition government announced Monday that it would dissolve parliament and call a new election - Israel's fifth election in three years.

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Palestinians Facing LGBTQ Discrimination to Receive Special Work Visas

The need for work visas for Palestinians from the LGBTQ community who were persecuted in Palestinian Authority territories was discussed by the Committee on Foreign Workers in the Knesset on Monday. During the hearing, testimonies from several Palestinians from the LGBTQ community were heard.

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Antisemitic Mural Removed from Art Show in Germany

On Tuesday evening in Kassel, Germany, a contentious mural "People's Justice" was taken down at an international contemporary art exhibition. The work by an Indonesian art collective features a soldier-like figure depicted as a pig wearing a scarf with a Star of David and a helmet bearing the word "Mossad."

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Sweden Undertakes Measures to Address Jewish Life, Antisemitism in Country

Sweden is reportedly appointing an official to examine obstacles to Jewish life in the country and make proposals on how to strengthen Jewish life. The announcement comes as Sweden hosts a meeting of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) in Stockholm.

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Australian State Outlaws Public Displays of Nazi Swastikas

The Parliament of Victoria, Australia’s second-most populous state, passed laws late Tuesday that set fines and 12 months in prison for displaying the Nazi swastika.

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Jozef Walaszczyk, Poland’s Oldest Rescuer of Jews, Dies at 102

Jozef Walaszczyk, who died in Warsaw on Monday at the age of 102, fell in love with a Jewish woman and became compelled to rescue her and at least 50 other Jews from the Holocaust. His story is relatively unknown in Poland and beyond, partly because of his aversion to being celebrated as a hero.

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Report Antisemitism and News of Concern to FSWC

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