Community Intelligence Brief: June 8, 2022

June 8, 2022

Intelligence Brief

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Israel's Ambassador to UN Elected VP of UN General Assembly

Israel's Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan was elected as vice president of the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, a position he will assume for a year beginning in September. This important appointment reflects Israel's growing presence at the UN and strong voice in the international arena, despite often being faced with pervasive one-sided anti-Israel sentiment.

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US Slams UNHRC’s ‘One-Sided, Biased’ Report Against Israel

The US State Department has issued a rebuke of the UN Human Rights Council's report released yesterday that blames Israel for the May 2021 Gaza conflict, calling it a "one-sided, biased approach that does nothing to advance the prospects for peace."

"On the same day that Israel's UN ambassador is elected as vice president of the United Nations General Assembly, the UN Human Rights Council releases an absurd and baseless anti-Israel report, which fails to hold Palestinian terror groups accountable for their actions," FSWC said in an online post. "Canada must join the US in denouncing this biased report."

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Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer Calls for Stronger Federal Elections Laws to Address Hate Groups

Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer is calling for stronger federal elections laws to address hate groups, and says courts should be granted the power to block such organizations from registering as political parties. This was one of numerous recommendations meant to update federal election laws, which were included in a report released by Elections Canada yesterday.

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It Took a War in Ukraine for This Woman to Find the Family That Saved Her Grandparents’ Lives

While taking part in a webinar, Dori Ekstein shared the story of her mother and grandparents who had been hidden by a Ukrainian family in their barn in Dolyna for two years, and she had been searching for that family for years. What she didn’t know was that Danute Protc, whose grandparents owned that farm in Ukraine, had been searching for her, too.

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Andrée Geulen, Savior of Jewish Children in Wartime, Dies at 100

A Belgian teacher, Andrée Geulen volunteered to help a clandestine group, the Committee for the Defense of Jews, spirit Jewish children out of harm’s way — to convents, monasteries, boarding schools, farms and families around the country that were willing to hide them from the Nazis. When she died at 100 on May 31, Ms. Geulen had been the last survivor of a cadre of 12 women who, working for the committee, together rescued some 3,000 Jewish children.

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Forbes Summit in Jerusalem Brings Together Israeli and Palestinian Entrepreneurs

Over 400 young business leaders from Europe, the Middle East and Africa attended the Forbes Under 30 Summit to learn, connect and create in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The event also hosted many Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs, companies and projects to share ideas, build bridges and work to understand each other.

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