Community Intelligence Brief: May 6, 2020

May 6, 2020

Intelligence Brief

They Survived the Holocaust. Now They’re Confronting the Virus.

The New York area is home to just under 40,000 Holocaust survivors, down from nearly twice that many in 2011. With the coronavirus killing more than twice as many people age 80 and up as it has people under 60, Holocaust survivors have been especially vulnerable. After enduring persecution and the horrors of Nazi concentration camps, Holocaust survivors have exemplified resilience during the pandemic, but their lives during this time - including isolation from family - might have an unsettling resonance.

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From New York to Milan, How Coronavirus Is Hitting Jewish Communities Worldwide

While Israel has the coronavirus largely under control and has significantly eased its lockdown, the virus is continuing to devastate large Jewish communities in the Diaspora. Times of Israel looks at how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting Jewish communities around the world.

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1918 Flu Pandemic Linked to Rise of Nazi Party, Paper Reveals

According to a new study published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the political fallout generated by the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 helped fuel the Nazis' rise to power in Germany. The study revealed that voting behaviour changed in cities with the highest number of influenza fatalities, often in favour of the Nazi Party.

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Isolation of Key Coronavirus Antibody in Israel Called 'Significant Breakthrough' Toward Possible COVID-19 Cure

The Israel Institute for Biological Research has reportedly isolated the "monoclonal neutralizing antibody" that can neutralize the coronavirus inside a carrier's body, according to Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett who called the step a "significant breakthrough" toward a possible treatment for the coronavirus pandemic.

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Jewish Headstones Found Under Paving in Prague Returned to Community

This week in Prague, builders discovered dozens of Jewish headstones under paving during excavation work at Wenceslas Square, confirming suspicions that headstones were taken from Jewish cemeteries for building materials during the Communist years. Israel's ambassador to the Czech republic said "justice is being done" after city officials returned the headstones to the Jewish community to bury at a Jewish cemetery.

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