Community Intelligence Brief: October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

Intelligence Brief

Quote of the Day

"I had to do something. A young man came into my home for protection. Is he dangerous? No. Is he a spy? No. Is he a traitor? No. He's just a Jewish teenager who wants to leave."

- Chiune Sugihara, recognized as Righteous Among the Nations for saving thousands of Jews during the Holocaust

Tour for Humanity Heads to Eastern Ontario!

The Tour for Humanity started its week-long journey through Eastern Ontario last week, making its first stop in Gloucester before heading to Brockville, Chesterville, Cornwall and finally to Montreal! Our educator Elena received a warm welcome at a Middle School in Gloucester on Thursday as she arrived to deliver 11 workshops over two days, focusing on topics such as the Holocaust, Jewish history and identity, Canada's role in the war and residential schools.

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Tens of Thousands of Newly Revealed Documents Show Argentina's Nazi Ties During WWII

In a documentary released Tuesday, excerpts from tens of thousands of documents about World War II shed light on Nazi influence on Argentina and the Nazi war criminals who lived there after receiving help from the country. The documents reveal communications between Argentina and countries involved in WWII, information sent by the Argentine Embassy in Germany, and records related to the blacklist of Jews.

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The Japanese Man Who Saved 6,000 Jews with His Handwriting

Sent to run the Japanese consulate in Lithuania in 1939, Chiune Sugihara went on to save thousands of Jews during the Holocaust by issuing visas. Defying his government, Sugihara helped Jewish families travel through Japan to other countries, calling his work a "matter of humanity." It has been estimated that over 40,000 people are alive today because of this one man.

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This year's conference will include a panel discussion on best practices in Holocaust education as well as a multi-generational panel featuring a Holocaust survivor, child of a survivor, and grandchild of a survivor to discuss the long-term impact of the Holocaust. For more information about the conference or to register, click here.

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UK City Council Adopts Internationally Recognized Antisemitism Definition

On Thursday, the city council of Brighton and Hove in England passed a resolution adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism, drawing praise from leaders of the local Jewish community. The definition, approved by a vote of 46 to none, has been endorsed by 31 countries. In a statement, the Sussex Jewish Representative Council said the definition gives the community “the protection it needs against the growing tide of antisemitism we are seeing in this country.”

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France Suspends Alleged Discriminatory Product Labeling Against Israel

The French government has suspended its insistence on special labeling for West Bank products following a lawsuit alleging the practice is discriminatory. According to a statement from the Lawfare Project, which launched the lawsuit, French authorities announced the suspension of the labeling requirement imposed on Israeli products, pending a decision by the European Court of Justice. The requirement mandated that products from the West Bank and Golan Heights be labeled with the designation "Israeli colonies."

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10 American Baseball Players Become Israeli Citizens to Help Nation’s Team Make the Olympics

Ten Jewish-American baseball players have received Israeli citizenship, gaining the opportunity to represent Israel at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The players, some of whom represented Israel in last year's World Baseball Classic, applied for and received citizenship together.

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From the Arab World

Jordan has decided not to renew parts of its 1994 peace treaty with Israel. On Sunday, Jordan's King Abdullah announced that two of the treaty's annexes - which allowed Israel to lease two border areas, Baqura and Ghamr, from the Jordanians - will not be renewed. This decision comes after protesters called on the king to cancel the lease and reclaim sovereignty over the territories. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel intends to negotiate with Jordan over extending the lease.

State of the Union Is Two Weeks Away!

On November 5, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center will be hosting the annual State of the Union dinner and presentation, welcoming an incredible lineup of speakers. Join us as we honour the parents of Taylor Force - an American who was killed by a Palestinian terrorist during a trip to Israel. Robbi and Stuart Force refused to do nothing following their son's death, instead choosing to spearhead the Taylor Force Act - which was passed this past March, ending American aid to the Palestinian Authority until it ceases payments to terrorist and their families.

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