Community Intelligence Brief: September 26, 2018

September 26, 2018

Intelligence Brief

Quote of the Day

"Let us ... ask the Lord to give us the gift of discernment to detect in time any seed of that pernicious attitude, any whiff of it that can taint the heart of generations that did not experience those times."

- Pope Francis speaking during annual remembrance of Lithuanian Jews killed during the Holocaust, speaking out against antisemitism

Nazi War Crimes Suspect Faces German Youth Court Trial

A German accused of Nazi war crimes will be going on trial in a juvenile court in November. The 94-year-old is suspected of being an accessory to the murder of hundreds of people in the Stutthof concentration camp during the three years he served there. The man will be tried in juvenile court because he was under 21 at the time of the alleged crimes.

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Pope Francis Says Snuff Out 'Any Whiff' of Resurgent Antisemitism

During a visit to Lithuania, Pope Francis marked the annual remembrance for the country's Jewish community that was nearly wiped out during the Holocaust. He called on people to be vigilant for "any whiff" of resurgent antisemitism and for new generations to be taught the horrors of the Holocaust. The country's Jewish community today numbers about 3,000 after more than 200,000 Lithuanian Jews were murdered by the Nazis, aided by some locals.

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Nazis’ Aerial Photography Is Helping Map and Preserve Jewish Cemeteries

Originally taken by German air force pilots to help Nazi Germany defeat the Soviet Union in 1941, aerial photos of western Ukraine are now being used to identify and preserve Jewish cemeteries. Funded by the German government, the Luftwaffe archives are one of several tools being used to identify Jewish cemeteries and get them fenced.

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Israel Ranked Sixth in the World in Health Care Efficiency

Israel ranks among the world’s best in health care efficiency and among the highest in overall life expectancy, according to Bloomberg’s annual health care-efficiency index released this month. Israel landed in sixth place overall and ranked highest in the Middle East. Hong Kong came in first place and Singapore in second, while the United Arab Emirates was the second Middle East country to rank, coming in 10th overall.

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Trump Voices Support for Two-State Solution in Middle East

Today during a bilateral meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN headquarters, US President Donald Trump voiced support for a two-state solution between Israel and Palestinians. When asked about a possible Middle East peace deal, Trump responded that he expected to have something in the next two to four months.

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Jamaica's Pact with Israel

Following last week's confirmation by Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness that the country is deepening its security partnership with Israel, the two countries continue to strengthen their relationship. This follows the prime minister's visit to Israel early last year as well as the country's decision to abstain on a UN resolution criticizing the US for its decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

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From the Arab World

The UN's humanitarian chief warned the Security Council recently that the fight against famine in Yemen in being lost, calling the situation "bleak" as the country faces the world's worst humanitarian crisis with 75 per cent of its 29 million people in need of assistance. A conflict began in the country in 2014 when Houthi rebels toppled the country's government and forced its president to flee. During the first six months of this year, the UN and humanitarian groups aided more than 8 million vulnerable Yemenis.

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