Community Intelligence Brief: September 30, 2020

September 30, 2020

Intelligence Brief

Inter-Parliamentary Task Force to Combat Online Antisemitism Launched

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) enthusiastically supports yesterday's launch of the Inter-Parliamentary Task Force to Combat Online Antisemitism, which has laid out a list of goals as part of its campaign against hate speech on social media platforms. FSWC President and CEO and former parliamentarian Michael Levitt is a member of the 11-person Task Force consisting of members of national legislatures in Canada, Israel, the U.S., the U.K. and Australia.

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York Regional Police Quickly Identify Suspect Following Series of Antisemitic Incidents

York Regional Police have identified and issued an arrest warrant following a series of antisemitic incidents that occurred in the City of Vaughan more than one week ago. The incidents included a suspect yelling antisemitic remarks at and attempting to assault an individual inside a vehicle as well as hate graffiti found on garage doors and vehicles. FSWC commended York Regional Police yesterday for their quick action.

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FSWC Applauds Canadian Army's New Directive Against Hateful Activity

According to the Canadian Army's new directive, all reported incidents of hateful conduct are now expected to be followed by an “immediate and decisive” response by the army’s commanding officers. Over the past few months, FSWC has been engaged in dialogue with the Minister of National Defence, the Army and other branches of the Armed Forces regarding measures that can be implemented to prevent and combat hate and extremism in the military. The organization applauds this new directive, but will be monitoring developments to ensure policy is implemented and is looking forward to seeing similar action from the other branches.

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80 Years After Babyn Yar Massacre, Researchers Lift Victims Out of Anonymity

Between September 29th and September 30th, 1941, the Babyn Yar massacre was one of the largest mass killings at a single location during the Second World War and claimed the lives of over 30,000 Jewish men, women and children. A new research project by the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in Kiev has led to the identification of 800 Babyn Yar victims whose fates had been previously unknown.

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Sweden Allocates $1.1 Million for Creation of Country’s First Holocaust Museum

The Swedish government announced last week that it has allocated $1.1 million to an organization tasked with opening the country's first Holocaust museum to be put toward collecting documents and interviewing Holocaust survivors to make up the museum's exhibits. Sweden announced plans to build a Holocaust museum and centre back in 2018.

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Nordic Neo-Nazi Group Targets Jewish Communities Over Yom Kippur

Members of the neo-Nazi organization Nordic Resistance Movement had launched a string of targeted campaigns against Jewish communities in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland over Yom Kippur, including confronting worshipers standing in front of synagogues and fixing antisemitic posters placed in public areas. This comes after Finland’s Supreme Court issued a cease-and-desist order to the NRM last week.

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Jewish Teens Say Life on TikTok Comes with Antisemitism

Jewish teens say they experience antisemitism on TikTok regardless of whether or not their content is about their Judaism. Sometimes it takes the form of denying the existence or the severity of the Holocaust; at other moments, it takes the shape of equating Jews as a people with the actions of the government of Israel.

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Report Antisemitism and News of Concern to FSWC

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