Community Intelligence Brief: September 5, 2018

September 5, 2018

Intelligence Brief

Quote of the Day

“It is time to strip away all the rhetoric and rationalizations. Mr. Corbyn and his allies hate Israel uniquely and obsessively. Under his leadership, Israel – and thus any Jew daring to identify with it – will face relentless slander. He, and those who share such malignant views, must be exposed and opposed at every opportunity.”

– Stephen Harper, former prime minister of Canada, and Lord Trimble, Nobel Laureate

Abiding by Jewish Law, Researchers Find Forgotten Holocaust Graves Without Digging

Researchers are rushing to find unmarked graves from the Holocaust before land developments destroy the forests and fields where they’re hidden. Using ground-penetrating radar, Agnieszka Nieradko and her team trace the edges of the grave with decorative stones and place a plaque and headstone. “What we know about the murders in concentration camps is only half the knowledge of what truly took place in the Holocaust,” said FSWC President and CEO Avi Benlolo.

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Labour Adopts IHRA Antisemitism Definition in Full

After choosing to adopt a more limited definition of antisemitism earlier this year, keeping out language regarding the criticism of Israel, the Labour Party’s ruling body voted yesterday to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s full definition of antisemitism. While Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s accompanying clarification was not accepted, the body approved the release of brief remarks emphasizing freedom of expression on Israel and Palestinian rights.

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Corbyn’s Antisemitism Is a Threat to All of Us

In an opinion piece published in The Telegraph, Stephen Harper and David Trimble of the Friends of Israel Initiative discuss the alarming rise in antisemitism across Europe, focusing on UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and how the far-left has become a substantial source of antisemitism today, particularly through its obsession and singling out of Israel.

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Support Efforts to Speak Out Against Antisemitism

As reports show that antisemitism and hate crimes are on the rise, our work has never been so critical. Your support will help us teach the lessons of the Holocaust through programs such as Tour for Humanity and Compassion to Action, spreading the message of Never Again to people of all ages from all backgrounds. Your support will also help us speak out against antisemitism and hatred in Canada.

Read more about what your renewed support will help accomplish in the coming year, and please consider reaffirming your commitment to making the world a better place today.

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FSWC Supports Expansion of Trade and Investment Between Israel and Canada

FSWC supports Canadian Minister of International Trade Diversification Jim Carr’s visit to Israel this week to discuss further developing trade and investment between the two countries. According to a statement released by Global Affairs Canada, Minister Carr is meeting with Israel’s Minister of Economy and Industry as well as business leaders from the transportation, clean energy, high-tech and financial sectors to discuss partnership opportunities.

Read Minister Carr's recent piece in Jerusalem Post, titled "Canada and Israel - Ample Reasons to Be Optimistic."

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Majority of Israelis Back Truce Talks with Hamas: Poll

According to a survey conducted as part of the Israel Democracy Institute’s monthly peace index, a majority of Israelis support ceasefire talks with Hamas, but also oppose any deal that does not include the terror group’s release of the bodies of two Israeli soldiers. However, the poll also revealed that the majority of Israelis feel the chances for a “positive breakthrough” in negotiations with Palestinians over the next year is low and that much pessimism is connected to Israeli suspicions over Palestinian intentions.

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On This Day: Remembering the Devastation of the Munich Massacre

On September 5, 1972, during the Summer Olympics in Munich, the Palestinian terror group Black September took Israeli Olympic athletes hostage, calling for the release of 234 Palestinian prisoners. The horrific act of terror resulted in the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes and a German police officer.  

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From the Arab World

According to data collected by the International Organization for Migration, the number of people displaced in Iraq has reached it lowest since November 2014. Less than two million Iraqis are currently displaced, while nearly four million have managed to return home overall. According to the UN, since January 2014, Iraq’s war against the terrorist group ISIL has displaced six million Iraqis – about 15% of the country’s population. In December, Iraq’s prime minister declared an end to the campaign to defeat the group.

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