Community Intelligence Brief: September 9, 2020

September 9, 2020

Intelligence Brief

'Kill All You See': In a First, Myanmar Soldiers Tell of Rohingya Slaughter

For the first time, two Myanmar soldiers confessed to committing atrocities against innocent Rohingya civilians, including taking part in massacres and mass burials ordered by the military. The two men fled Myanmar last month and were transported to The Hague, where the International Criminal Court has opened a case examining whether military leaders committed large-scale crimes against the Rohingya.

Following a multitude of testimonies from refugees, these confessions serve as additional evidence of the Myanmar military's genocidal campaign against Rohingya civilians. FSWC is hopeful these accounts will help bring justice to victims and survivors.

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Support Given as Artists Clean Up Racist Graffiti

Local residents took a stand against hate by showing their support as artists cleaned up hate graffiti found on a mural in downtown Humboldt, Saskatchewan. The graffiti - which included swastikas, SS symbols and "Heil Hitler," among other hateful graffiti - was found last week and quickly cleaned up over the weekend.

FSWC denounces this vile graffiti and reached out to Humboldt Mayor Rob Muench yesterday commending community members for standing up against hate and offering the organization's educational programs to local schools.

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Volkswagen Drops Mexico City Dealership Over Nazi-Era Images

Simon Wiesenthal Center commended German carmaker Volkswagon for severing ties with a Mexican distributor after an image emerged on display at an affiliated dealership in Mexico of an early VW Beetle alongside Nazi soldiers. The decision was made after SWC sent a letter to the President of the Executive Council of Volkswagon Mexico demanding "immediate action against those responsible for its dealership located in Coyoacán" and that the company "drop the concession completely in order to pass a clear message to your customers that you have learned from your history."

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Holocaust Education, Survivor Testimony Leads to 'Empathy, Tolerance'

A survey sponsored in partnership between the Anti-Defamation League, USC Shoah Foundation and Yad Vashem has confirmed that Holocaust education leads to qualities of empathy, tolerance and open mindedness and that the inclusion of survivor testimony within the curriculum "is strongly associated" with "higher critical thinking skills, a greater sense of social responsibility and civic efficacy" in early adulthood.

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TikTok to Join EU Code of Conduct Against Hate Speech

The European Commission announced yesterday that the online platform TikTok will be joining the European Union's voluntary code of conduct to combat illegal hate speech online. The code of conduct, whose members already include Facebook, Twitter, Google and others companies, was set up in May 2016 for tech companies to work with organizations and public authorities to remove online hate speech.

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Norway Arrests Suspect in 1982 Attack on Jewish Restaurant in Paris

Norwegian police have arrested a man suspected of taking part in a fatal attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris 38 years ago that killed six people and wounded at least 20. The attack was at the time the deadliest antisemitic attack in France since the Second World War and was part of a wave of violence involving Palestinian militants.

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