Data Identifies Dozens of Canadian Neo-Nazi Website Users

November 28, 2019


Toronto (November 28, 2019) - Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) notes a recent CTV News report, which reveals dozens of Canadians were among the hundreds of people identified as users of a now-defunct neo-Nazi website.

The data collected on 88 Canadians engaging in extremist groups includes their IP addresses, emails and posts made on the website.

“With the growth of social media and online forums, there has been a growth in hate groups and hate speech online,” said FSWC president and CEO Avi Benlolo.“Despite growing up in a country that emphasizes values such as freedom,diversity and human rights, Canadians continue to be exposed to and influenced by these hate groups and their hateful views. Educational programs aimed at countering hate and intolerance are more important than ever to ensure Canadians understand the dangers of hate groups and do not fall prey to their recruitment efforts.”

Through programs such as the Tour for Humanity and in-house workshops, FSWC educates young people every day about the consequences of hate, including online, and offers tools for standing up to it.

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