FSWC Advisory: UK Parliament Shocked by Antisemitism

October 16, 2016

Media Statement

UK Cross-Party Report Encourages All Parties and Media Giants to Address "Pernicious" Antisemitic Hate

A new report by the UK Home Affairs Committee "expresses particular concern at the shocking evidence it received of the volume and viciousness of antisemitism online, including countless examples directed at Parliamentarians." The Committee calls on all political leaders in Britain to tackle the growing prevalence of antisemitism and charges the Labour Party in particular with failure to deal with antisemitic incidents in recent years.

"The fact that UK parliamentarians have taken an introspective step to assess the growth of antisemitism in England is a positive step," said Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center. "In their report, they have identified the growth of antisemitism in social networking platforms like Twitter. Moreover, they have assessed the growth of antisemitism in the UK over the last number of years, particularly on university campuses and in the general public."

CLICK HERE to read the entire "Antisemitism in the UK" report.

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