FSWC Concerned Over Washington Rally Emboldening White Supremacists in Canada

August 10, 2018


Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) will be monitoring this weekend's neo-Nazi, white supremacist rally in Washington, DC and is raising concern about it potentially emboldening white supremacists in Canada.

This comes on the anniversary of last year's hate-filled rally in Charlottesville, which brought a surge in antisemitic incidents across Canada. FSWC is calling on Canadians to remain vigilant and report any incidents to police immediately. A hate rally planned for Toronto this weekend has been cancelled after protests by FSWC and community leaders.

Still, the threat of white supremacists is very real across Canada. FSWC congratulates the Medicine Hat police department for its incredible recent seizure of guns, ammunition and a Jewish conspiracy "manifesto" from a neo-Nazi. Chief of Police of Medicine Hat, Andy McGrogan, who just participated on FSWC's Compassion to Action mission to Poland and Israel, spoke with FSWC's Avi Benlolo about the importance of thoroughly investigating white supremacists in Canada. 

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