FSWC Condemns Two Antisemitic Incidents at Toronto Jewish School

May 17, 2017


FSWC has learned about antisemitic incidents that took place at a Toronto Jewish school on Monday.

According to an email sent to parents of students at the Eitz Chaim Patricia campus, two antisemitic incidents occurred in the school’s play area.

The first incident took place during lunch recess, during which time a group of people walked by throwing rocks at middle school students who were in the play area. The second incident likely took place during after-school hours and involved swastikas being scratched onto asphalt in the same play area.

The school’s administration has reported both incidents to police, who responded and have taken photos, statements and opened a file. The swastikas have since been removed.

FSWC has reached out to the school to offer assistance in handling the situation.

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