FSWC Demands Nazi Memorabilia Be Removed from Auction

February 12, 2020


Toronto (February 12, 2020) - Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) has discovered a variety of Nazi memorabilia being sold in Quebec and has demanded the auction site remove these items from the market.

FSWC has reached out to auction site hibid.com as well as to individual sellers on the site demanding they remove a number of authentic Nazi items featuring  the swastika and eagle. These items include pins, small statues, and hats.

In a letter to the auction site, FSWC wrote, “We object in the strongest possible terms to the sale of items that glorify the hatred and genocidal ambitions of the Nazi regime. Nazi propaganda is a grave insult to all Canadians who fought to preserve our freedoms in the wake of Nazi encroachment as well as to the Jewish community and others who were victims to the horrors of Nazi rule. Nazi propaganda has its place in museums or educational facilities but should not be bought and sold for profit.”

FSWC has offered to assist sellers in finding suitable organizations to which they can donate Nazi paraphernalia.

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