FSWC Expanding Education to Ottawa!

January 7, 2020


Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center is pleased to announce that our educator Elena Kingsbury has taken up permanent residence in Ottawa and will be a dedicated program facilitator in the city and surrounding areas, helping expand FSWC's education department and reach more schools and students beyond the Greater Toronto Area. Elena has already begun building stronger connections with school boards of eastern Ontario to help increase our presence in schools and teach more workshops and inspire more students than ever before!

Elena has been an educator and program facilitator with FSWC for the past four years and is thrilled to be expanding the organization’s outreach in Ottawa and the surrounding communities. She graduated from McGill University with an M.A. in History in 2014 and has performed extensive research on topics including populist antisemitism in east-central Europe in the early 20th century, slavery in the British and Ottoman Empires, and the lasting implications of Canada’s Indian Act of 1876. She is passionate about making history accessible and engaging for everyone and helping young people make connections between our collective past and the world we live in today.

To date, she has taught human rights workshops to thousands of students across the province of Ontario as well as students in Quebec; provided Equity and Inclusion programming for hundreds of teachers and other professionals and community leaders; participated in interfaith panels and initiatives as a speaker and moderator; and spoken to media outlets in communities across the province about the importance of FSWC’s work in today’s world.  

Want to learn more about our education programs? Visit us here or contact us at education@fswc.ca.

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