FSWC Letter to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh: Anti-Israel Allegations by MPs “Unambiguously Untrue” and “Promote Antisemitic Narratives”

January 6, 2021

Media Release

Toronto (January 6, 2021) – Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) has reached out to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh denouncing misleading and libelous anti-Israel tweets posted earlier this week by MPs Charlie Angus and Leah Gazan and calling for public apologies from the party members.  

Both Twitter posts shared a misleading article from The Guardian about Israel’s coronavirus vaccination program, with MP Angus referring to Israel as an “#apartheidstate” and MP Gazan accusing Israel of violating the human rights of Palestinians by excluding them from the vaccine program.  

In a letter to Leader Singh, FSWC Director of Policy Jaime Kirzner-Roberts stated these allegations are “unambiguously untrue” and “both solidify and promote antisemitic narratives and conspiracy theories about Jews and Israel.” 

Kirzner-Roberts added: “Let us be clear about the facts here. Israel is currently a world leader with respect to the successful implementation of its coronavirus vaccine program. The program is well underway and is inclusive of all Israeli citizens – Jewish, Muslim and Christian alike – and is being delivered to the entire population without regard to ethnicity or religion of the recipients. Israel does not, however, have jurisdiction over health care provision for non-Israeli citizens in the West Bank or Gaza, as per the distribution of authorities agreed upon under the Oslo Accords.”  

“At a time when Israel is being lauded for being a world leader in providing coronavirus vaccinations to all its citizens, it is a shame that there are Canadian politicians who feel the need to take shots at the country and spread disinformation,” said Michael Levitt, FSWC President and CEO. “I am both disappointed and angered that elected officials have chosen to ignore the facts and instead join the anti-Israel voices spreading false allegations about Israel and its vaccination program.

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