FSWC Offers its Anti-Discrimination Education Programs to Ontario Community Following Revelations of Antisemitism by High School Student

September 27, 2019


Toronto (September 25, 2019) – Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) has offered to bring its Tour of Humanity Educational Programs to the community of Prince Edward County after reading an online statement by a high school student detailing the years of antisemitism she has endured there.

In her statement, the student recounts a wide variety of experiences she has had with antisemitism in her school, including having swastikas drawn on her desk, fellow students throwing coins at her, as well as being subjected to a host of insults and racial slurs. The student says she recounted these experiences to her school principal but was not taken seriously.

The student also describes her efforts to open a dialogue with the owner of a local store called “The Vinyl Solution” about her concerns with the business name, and notes her efforts were rebuffed.

FSWC is in contact with the student’s family and has reached out to the local Board of Education to offer anti-racism education programs for its students, educators, staff and administrators. FSWC has also been in touch with the Mayor of PrinceEdward County to offer community education programs and to demand that City Council take steps to ensure the local vinyl store finds a new name.

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