Impact in the Face of Jew-Hatred

June 1, 2021


In response to the surge in antisemitism and hate-motivated incidents targeting our community in recent weeks, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center has been:

  • Working with law enforcement on a daily basis to address the increased risks in Jewish neighbourhoods and ensure antisemitic hate crimes are aggressively investigated;
  • Working with students, teachers, parents and professors to address antisemitic incidents in schools and universities and to seek redress and action from university administrations and school boards;
  • Working with allies in the Jewish community and beyond to develop a united front against antisemitism in all its forms. Our community statement in support of the people of Israel as they endured days of Hamas rocket attacks was signed by more than 120 Jewish community organizations representing every aspect of Jewish life and ran as a full-page ad in mainstream print media;
  • Working with the Inter-Parliamentary Task Force to Combat Online Antisemitism to develop new global strategies to fight back against Jew-hatred on the internet, and engaging with social media companies such as TikTok in our effort to see hateful and violent propaganda targeting Jews removed expeditiously from online platforms;  
  • Working with political leaders across the country to facilitate a strong and effective response to the dramatic increase in antisemitism at all levels of government.

In the face of mounting antisemitic hate crime documented by police services across the country, we call on the federal government to act urgently to tighten the hate laws on the books so that law enforcement can act more quickly and efficiently to combat the perpetuation and promotion of violence and hatred, whether it is targeted towards Jews or any other community.

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