Nazi Symbolism Present at Montreal Protest

July 3, 2018

Media Statement

MONTREAL (July 3, 2018) - Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) is monitoring an increasing number of marches being staged by Quebec far-right groups, including one this past Sunday in Montreal where a photo was taken depicting a protester performing the Nazi salute.

The march was organized in protest of the federal government's immigration policies, specifically with regards to asylum seekers at the Lacolle border in southern Quebec. Approximately 200 protesters gathered outside the Citizenship and Immigration Canada offices in downtown Montreal, under tight police surveillance.

The protester performing the Nazi salute was photographed by QMI Agency photojournalist Dario Ayala alongside others bearing flags and articles of clothing featuring the symbols of the organizing groups. 

Thirty minutes into the demonstration, counter-protesters describing themselves as anti-fascist arrived. They attempted to surround the group but were ultimately kept separate by police. The march lasted approximately three and a half hours and concluded with the demonstrators being escorted back to their buses, as many members traveled from outside the greater Montreal area.

We applaud the efforts of the Montreal police force to keep the protest peaceful, but remain concerned about the antisemitic symbolism and rhetoric becoming increasingly present in these and other demonstrations by far-right groups in La Belle Province.

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