Sweeping New Report on BDS Highlights Contributions of Upcoming FSWC Speakers Sharansky, Dershowitz

October 3, 2019

Informational Statement

Toronto (October 3, 2019) – Israel’s government has released an exhaustive new report on the dangers of the antisemitic Boycott Divest Sanctions (BDS) movement. The 98-page report dispels the pretense that BDS is simply a ‘human rights movement,’ documenting in great detail the expansive efforts of the movement to promote global antisemitism and its ultimate goal of wiping Israel from the map.

The report, titled Behind the Mask: The Antisemitic Nature of BDS, comes with an introduction written by two of the world's foremost experts in global antisemitism and BDS, Natan Sharansky and Alan Dershowitz. Sharansky and Dershowitz will be featured speakers at the FSWC’s upcoming State of the Union Dinner on November 17. For more information about this event, please see here.

Behind the Mask draws on 80 examples of antisemitism by BDS leaders to demonstrate theways in which the movement has promoted demonization and hatred not just of Israel as a state, but of the Jewishpeople. The report includes pages of sickening memes and propaganda materialsproduced by BDS organizations, which depict Jews as Christ killers, devils, octopuses, pigs and Nazis. The report provides evidence of violent antisemitic calls to action shared by scores of BDS activists around the world, including ‘Set fire to the Jews,’ Kill your local Zionist,’ and ‘Stuff some Jews into the oven.’

This report follows on the heels of another path breaking report released by the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs earlier in the year called Terrorists in Suits that demonstrated the deep interconnectivity between BDS groups and a variety of active terrorist organizations including Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad.

Behind the Mask can be viewed and downloaded here.

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